1. Attend the Back to School Orientation meeting in August with your parents.
  2. Attend the Wisconsin Education Fair in September at UWMC.
  3. Review your transcript and evaluate your GPA. Make sure you are choosing appropriate seminars and projects towards graduation and your post-secondary plans.
  4. Start your Senior Capstone Project, which should take at least 200 hours.
  5. Update your resume for Internship interviews.
  6. If you have not already done so, request letters of recommendation that may be needed for college or scholarship applications. Plan ahead and request letters at least three weeks in advance. At least one letter should come from an instructor who knows you well.
  7. Complete your college applications. We suggest that students apply to at least two schools and have a backup plan. The UW System applications will be available on August 1st. You can work on the application and even complete it but will be unable to submit it until September 1st. Our recommendation is to have all materials submitted to your college or university by the end of October. It is the student’s responsibility to know deadlines for EACH school. Therefore, a complete application includes the counselor form, transcripts, application fee, letters of recommendation, and a finalized resume. Apply as early as possible to avoid program waitlists.
  8. ACT and SAT retakes (if necessary) should be taken as early as possible. Fee waivers are available for students who have free or reduced lunch.
  9. Start your Internship Opportunity, which should take at least 90 hours.
  10. Attend the high school visits that college representatives make to the Career Center at Wausau East.
  11. Attend the January Financial Aid Night to learn about the FAFSA and scholarships. It is suggested that the FAFSA be completed in January or February. Estimated tax information or completed taxes are needed to complete the FAFSA.
  12. Fill out scholarship applications. Scholarships are continually posted from approximately September-March. A scholarship box is available in the Wausau East Career Center for EGL students to access. Be aware of deadlines!
  13. Complete housing applications and schedule placement tests in the spring.
  14. You must confirm your enrollment at the college you choose to attend by May 5th.