Is EGL Right For You?

You’re going shopping for shoes and have found the perfect pair of shoes. It turns out that they aren’t in your size, but they are available in just one size bigger. You decide to get the shoes anyway. After wearing them, you discover that the bigger size allows your feet to slip around inside and cause blisters. They worked for a day, but you realize that you should have purchased a different pair of shoes. 

Just like getting the right shoe, you need to make sure a school fits you and that you fit the school. So what sort of student does it take to be at EGL? According to Caroline Mackay, a teacher with decades of experience and a writer of education articles, there are 10 qualities that are found in good students and citizens. Here are Caroline’s words:

  1. Self Discipline is of the utmost importance. If it is not present then few of the other qualities will be found. Self Discipline means that you think about your words and actions and then make choices that are right for yourself and for others. If you have self discipline, you accept that things do not always go your way. In other words, you will finish your work before you play.
  2. Respect for others and for their property will be present in good students. You will treat others the way you want to be treated. Destroying or taking someone’s property and harming it would not show respect.
  3. Perseverance can be found in good students. You will work hard and not give up when it gets tough. You stick to something until it is finished. In other words, you don’t give up, you keep trying.
  4. Citizenship is found in good students. You obey the rules and work to make the community and school a better place.
  5. Compassion in present in good students. You are kind toward others and help them, instead of knocking them down verbally and physically.
  6. Integrity is found in good students. You make choices that help you be the best you can be. You do what you think is right and work at doing your best.
  7. Responsibility is always present in good students. You are dependable and make good choices. You can take care of things that belong to you and show more responsibility when you take care of yourself.
  8. Trustworthiness is a must. You can be counted on to do the right thing even if an adult is not present. You return borrowed items and do what you say you’ll do.
  9. Fairness is another trait present in good students. You will take turns, share and listen to what others say. You take only your share and play by the rules.
  10. Honesty is found in good students. You are truthful and sincere. You will do your own work and return borrowed items. You are the one that will make sure that your score is correct even if it means that you get more wrong.

After reading those questions, are you a good candidate for Wausau EGL Academy? A group of EGL students were brought together and asked the question, “What is the most important trait to be a successful student at Wausau EGL?”  All students answered self discipline and motivation. If you’re unsure about your discipline and motivation, this quiz might help you.

So you’ve answered yes to all of the questions above and the quiz said you are a motivated student.  What can you do next? Come take a visit at the school for part or all of a school day.  Experience an EGL student’s day. Schedule a visit with Betsy Hart by calling (715) 261-0625 or email at