Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the school located?

Wausau Engineering and Global Leadership Academy is an autonomous high school located on the campus of Wausau East High School. Wausau EGL Academy has its own mission, teachers, instructional philosophy, classrooms, school day, and even its own school entrance.  Follow the signs to the East side of the building.

What is the purpose of starting this charter school?

Our purpose is to allow students to take charge of their own learning in a small, flexible school environment focused on engineering careers and global awareness and understanding.
To get a better understanding of a charter school check out this video:

Our Mission is to engage students to become leaders, problem solvers, and self-motivated adults with communication skills and a desire to serve others.

Who can attend the school?

The students will be from the Wausau area, both Wausau School District students as well as those who choose to enroll through Open Enrollment.

How many students will attend Wausau EGL Academy?

Wausau EGL Academy currently is accepting up to 80-100 students and will grow to accommodate students in grades 9 through 12 in subsequent years.

Can a student still play sports or participate in extra-curricular activities for their home school?

Wausau School District students will be able to play for their home school. Students enrolling from outside the Wausau School District may choose to participate in athletics and after-school extra-curricular programs.

Who is going to teach at this charter school?

Go to Our Team to learn more.

How many teachers will be at the school?

Wausau EGL Academy will employ approximately 6 Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs). The remaining staff will not be full time, yet together they will complete the Wausau EGL Academy instructional team. In future years, the staff will grow to accommodate the full complement of Wausau EGL students.

What is the Wausau EGL Academy curriculum?

The curriculum at Wausau EGL Academy will be taught in a problem-based and project-based instructional environment. The emphasis will be on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), however, due to the interdisciplinary nature of our program, students will also master the Wisconsin State Standards required for graduation in English, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Health and Physical Education. As students begin their program at Wausau EGL Academy, much of the instruction will be coordinated and directed by their instructors. As students move through the program, they will accept more responsibility for planning and implementing their own individual and group projects.

Instruction will be delivered in new and innovative ways at Wausau EGL Academy. Students will participate in foundation courses that combine standards from several different subjects woven together in four-week small learning community courses. Seminars will be focused, short courses on an in-depth topic or integrated study led by one or two faculty members. They will also participate in Workshops—skill-based short-term lessons that bring topical experts together with students to help them master specific skills. In addition, a great deal of student learning will take place during field studies, job shadowing, internships, community service, and apprenticeships.

Each year, Wausau EGL Academy students will complete a large, two month long, end of the year independent project.  During a student’s senior year, this project is expanded into a year long final Senior Project. Here is an explanation of project based learning:

How is student academic success measured?

Wausau EGL Academy students will be evaluated on their ability to master the Wisconsin State Standards in all curricular areas, through specific courses offered by the Academy and through the projects that students tackle. Evidence of learning will be documented to show that students have met or exceeded the Standards.

In addition, students will have an electronic or hard copy portfolio. Student presentations will be a required element of every project, culminating in a Senior Capstone Project presentation.

Students graduating from Wausau Engineering and Global Leadership Academy will have the equivalent of four or more years in each of the subjects of Science, Technology/Engineering, and Mathematics. They will also meet the State Standards for graduation in the subjects of English, Social Studies, Foreign Language, and Health and Physical Education.

What opportunity will my child have to take a foreign language?

A key component of our philosophy at Wausau EGL Academy is for our students to have a comprehensive understanding of how to be a successful adult in an ever-shrinking world. Cultural competency and understanding will be woven across the curriculum.

We have worked with business leaders and our own Governance Council to determine which Foreign Language is the most appropriate for our charter school. We have been told overwhelmingly that the language of global business is English and our engineering partners have advised us that the language required in their work really revolves around each firm’s international business partners. For many companies, this means Spanish and Chinese.

For this reason, the Wausau Engineering and Global Leadership Academy helps its students have access to a Foreign Language experience.

Can students transfer in the middle of the year to EGL? How will credits from other schools transfer in/out?

Students will be able to transfer in the middle of the school year as long as we have space available. Each student will have an individual academic plan and portfolio that will comprise a major component of their grading and credits toward graduation. Therefore, transfers will be handled between Wausau EGL Academy and the student’s original high school on an individual basis.

Are grades assigned to specific classes?

Students will receive grades for the work they accomplish at Wausau EGL Academy. We work carefully to ensure that students meet all State Standards and criteria for graduation. We also entertain dialog with colleges and universities about how our program meets entrance requirements, as well as ways that our students could earn collegiate level credit while in our program at EGL Academy.

Can students take courses at their home school outside of the academy?

Students have scheduling opportunities to participate in offerings not available at Wausau EGL Academy. With so many unique opportunities please contact EGL to discuss this further.


When/How do students register for the charter school?

Central and Northern Wisconsin students in grades 9 through 12 can register to attend the Wausau Engineering and Global Leadership Academy. There is no cost to attend this school, however, out of district students may be responsible for their own transportation.

Students in the Wausau School District may indicate their interest in Wausau EGL Academy at any time.

Check out more enrollment information by going here.

Open Enrollment questions for the Wausau Engineering and Global Leadership Academy may be answered by calling the school at (715) 261-0625.

What does a typical day look like?

The Wausau EGL Academy schedule consists of advisory in the morning, followed by a combination of teacher-led instruction and self-paced online programs.  The afternoon is designated for Project Based Learning.  For a better understanding of what project based learning is, watch the video below.  This page will dive deeper into a typical day.

What type of students will be successful at Wausau EGL?

  • Students who are passionate about learning.
  • Young people who are self-starters and team players, with a strong drive to understand how things work and why.
  • Students who want to learn by doing and who love to solve problems in new and different ways.
  • Young people who want to experience the real-world application of what they learn in the classroom.
  • Students who want to experience other cultures and learn how to navigate the worlds of business, higher education, and community leadership.

Check this link out for a more in depth look at successful students at EGL.


Do students park with the East students or have their own parking area?

Students will have their own parking area.

I heard the hours are different for EGL students, is that true?

Although we have lots of flexibility within our school days, due to transportation constraints, the typical EGL school day is from 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Much of our students’ time is spent working in field studies and participating in job shadowing, internships, and apprenticeships. At EGL, the world becomes the classroom, so our schedule will be flexible to reflect this important component of our program.

What kind of extra clubs will your school provide?

Wausau EGL students determine the clubs and activities that become part of the culture at our charter school.

Students have the option of participating in athletics and extra-curricular activities at either Wausau East or Wausau West High School if the activities fit in the student’s schedule.

Will EGL students graduate from East or West or will they have a separate graduation ceremony?

Graduates from Wausau Engineering and Global Leadership Academy will receive a diploma specifically from Wausau EGL Academy during EGL’s own separate graduation ceremony.

Is there special busing for these students or do they need to find their own transportation to your school?

As with all charter schools, students are responsible for their own transportation. If students, however, live in the Wausau School District, they are eligible for standard district bussing to EGL. Additionally, many of our students use the MetroRide bus system to and from school. For more information on whether your student would qualify for any type of busing, please call (715) 261-0625.

Can my student participate in NCAA college athletics after EGL?

Due the the nature of the school, if in the future a student plans to participate in an NCAA sport, EGL courses are not NCAA approved. You can still play in college after a year of attendance at the university.