Prospective Students

Our Mission

is to engage students to become leaders, problem solvers, and self-motivated adults with communication skills and a desire to serve others.

Wausau Engineering and Global Leadership Academy is a whole NEW approach to achieving your high school education. You may be the perfect candidate for the Wausau EGL Academy if you…

  • Have a passion for science, technology, engineering or mathematics.
  • Wish to be part of a global experience.
  • Are self-motivated.
  • Have a strong interest in achieving an education that prepares you for the university of your choice.
  • Have the drive to learn by doing and would like to work with a tight-knit team of students to find real-world solutions.
  • Can see yourself working side-by-side with experts in the fields of engineering, science, technology, and mathematics

The Wausau Engineering and Global Leadership Academy is a one-of-a-kind educational opportunity for young men and women in Central Wisconsin. This public charter high school is built around a curriculum which incorporates real-world issues and project based learning. There is an overall emphasis in engineering, mathematics, science, and technology studies. In addition, Wausau EGL Academy graduates will master the leadership skills and the cultural understanding and respect that are necessary to become successful in arenas across our ever-shrinking world.

For a student with a passion for pursuing a future career in any field of engineering, science, mathematics, or technology, the Wausau EGL Academy will bring that passion to life. Students will move from teacher-directed learning to self-directed learning as they complete individual and team projects infused with Wisconsin State Academic Standards.

Student confidence will grow as they take on more and more challenging problems. High school subjects that meet Wisconsin’s requirements for graduation will be infused across the charter school’s interdisciplinary curriculum.

Working in a small school environment will allow students to create strong working and learning relationships with their teachers and their peers. Engineering management teams of 20 students across grade levels help students grow as project leaders and learn to support each other’s goals and achievement. Community service, job shadowing, internships, international projects, and opportunities for individual and shared leadership will create a foundation for success that will support them in college and throughout life.

We expect to grow to our full capacity of approximately 120 students in grades 9-12. Interested students and parents can find out more about the Wausau Engineering and Global Leadership Academy by calling (715) 261-0625.

Are you wondering what a charter school is?  Check out this video: