Our Curriculum

Our Mission:

To engage students to become leaders, problem solvers, and self-motivated adults with communication skills and a desire to serve others.

Wausau Engineering and Global Leadership Academy offers a rigorous curriculum which incorporates real world issues and project based learning. Our program moves students from collectors of knowledge to creators of solutions. Throughout their high school careers, students will learn how to take more responsibility for their own learning, with their teachers and adjunct faculty as guides and mentors.

Each part of the curriculum, every project will be tied to Wisconsin State Standards. Students will work with faculty to identify the State Standards infused in every project that they do, both individually and as part of a team. Students will fulfill all requirements for graduation, including developing outstanding online and hard copy academic and project portfolios.

Small Learning Community:

Wausau EGL Academy is designed to optimize teacher and student relationships and to provide flexibility for interdisciplinary teaching and learning. Wausau EGL Academy currently is accepting up to 80 students and will grow in subsequent years to accommodate approximately 120 students in grades 9 through 12.

What Will the Curriculum Look Like?

Wausau EGL students participate in a variety of different learning experiences. While none of these experiences look like the typical semester or yearlong classes of a traditional high school, these curricular offerings fit together to create an interdisciplinary course of study that challenges previous assumptions about learning.

Sample Schedule:

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Pink: Advisory

Blue: Online Learning

Green:  Teacher Led Learning

Yellow:  Reading

Grey: Student Led Learning

Interdisciplinary Learning:

Wausau EGL students learn by exploring real world problems through a project based curriculum that infuses many different subject areas into each project. Thus, subjects such as English, Social Studies, Foreign Language and Culture will be woven into each project. Students will master Wisconsin State Standards in all areas required for successful completion of the high school curriculum even though they will not take specific courses in English, History, Government, etc.  Foreign Language is a critical component for success in the 21st century world and, therefore, an important part of our curriculum.  Students will find global cultures infused across the curriculum in order to prepare them for the global community they will inherit as adults.

Due the the nature of the school, if in the future a student plans to participate in an NCAA sport, EGL courses are not NCAA approved. You can still play in college after a year of attendance at the university.

Global Learning Experience:

Our students will be working in a world that grows smaller each and every day. That is why all Wausau EGL Academy students participate in at least one global learning experience during their high school career at the Academy. This may be a special project in which Wausau EGL students collaborate with students from another country, either in high school or in college. It may mean that they work collaboratively with local business partners, working to solve issues for an international client. Projects may be completed online or may require international travel for a student or a team. This exciting component of our instructional program positions our students for success, in a way that few high schools can.

Independent and Capstone Projects:

Each Wausau EGL student has the flexibility to create an independent project and/or research effort to customize their learning. These projects take place annually, with the culminating experience being a 200-hour Senior Capstone Project. This extensive learning opportunity will be presented before a jury of community experts, peers, parents, and faculty. Each student is required to complete the Senior Capstone Project before a Wausau Engineering and Global Leadership Academy diploma will be presented.

Students at Wausau EGL Academy have an unprecedented opportunity in Central Wisconsin. They are able to take control of their own learning and to create an individualized learning program like no other. As one young engineer said, “Wausau EGL Academy sounds like a graduate engineering program at a high school level.”

If this sounds like your kind of high school experience, we welcome you to the Wausau Engineering and Global Leadership Academy!